Investigation of lithium sulphate for high temperature thermal energy storage

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Bayon Sandoval, Alicia ORCID ID icon; Liu, Ming (Cherry); Bruno, Frank; Hinkley, Jim


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SOLARPACES 2016, Abu Dhabi, 11-14 October 2016


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Lithium sulphate (Li2SO4) was evaluated as a thermal energy storage material to be coupled with concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies. The energy is stored in a cubic crystalline phase that is formed at temperatures above 576°C and can potentially be discharged at temperatures as low as 150°C, providing both sensible and latent thermal energy storage in a hybrid sensible-latent system. These operational conditions are appropriate for current CSP technologies based on subcritical steam Rankine power cycles. Results from thermal cycling experiments in air showed no change in energy storage capacity after 15 cycles. There was up to a 5% reduction in latent thermal capacity and 0.95% in total thermal capacity after 150 cycles in air. In our paper, we evaluate a hybrid sensible-latent thermal energy storage system based on lithium sulphate from an economic and technical performance point of view, demonstrating its potential as a high temperature thermal energy storage material.

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Bayon Sandoval, Alicia; Liu, Ming (Cherry); Bruno, Frank; Hinkley, Jim. Investigation of lithium sulphate for high temperature thermal energy storage. In: AIP Publishing LLC., editor/s. SOLARPACES 2016; 11-14 October 2016; Abu Dhabi. AIP Conference Proceedings; 2017. 080005-1 080005-8.

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