Can Beneficial Habits Be Induced through Reflection?

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Colineau, Nathalie; Paris, Cecile ORCID ID icon


Conference Material

User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization, Hawaii, USA, June 20-24, 2010


Persuasive technology aims at changing people’s behaviour. In health, in particular, such technology tries to promote healthy habits. Systems using persuasive techniques typically provide an external motivation (e.g., a reward). They often face two challenges: what reward will make people change their behaviour, and how can people maintain a healthy habit once the reward has been removed. Both are heavily debated issues. In our work, we look at encouraging reflection and see if it can lead to an intrinsic motivation, which in turn can affect behaviour. If it is possible to induce an intrinsic motivation, the two challenges mentioned above would disappear. In this paper, we present a study we conducted in the health domain: we tried to encourage people to reflect on their lifestyle and find ways to improve it. We present some of the interesting findings regarding intrinsic motivation and behavioural change from our study.


Intrinsic motivation; reflection; behaviour change; reward mechanism; heath promotion

Human Information Behaviour


Workshop on User Models for Motivational Systems


Conference Paper - Refereed


Colineau, Nathalie; Paris, Cecile. Can Beneficial Habits Be Induced through Reflection?. In: User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization; June 20-24, 2010; Hawaii, USA. Springer; 2010. 13-22. csiro:EP101243.

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