Goaf gas flow modelling in 6km long longwall panels

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Tanguturi, Krishna ORCID ID icon; Balusu, Rao ORCID ID icon; Dlamini, Bongani


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Iranian Journal of Mining Engineering



A collaborative research project has been undertaken by Anglo American and CSIRO to develop appropriate strategies for gas drainage and spontaneous combustion management in 6km long panels. Extensive computational fluid dynamics modelling studies have been conducted and calibrated using operational longwall goaf data to obtain first a fundamental understanding of goaf gas flow patterns in longwall panels of various goaf lengths and the effect of goaf gas emission rates on the goaf gas flow patterns. The details and results of various investigations in the 6km long panels for goaf lengths of 500 m, 1.0km, 3.0 km and 6.0 km under modelled field site conditions are presented in this paper.


Mining Engineering


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Tanguturi, Krishna; Balusu, Rao; Dlamini, Bongani. Goaf gas flow modelling in 6km long longwall panels. Iranian Journal of Mining Engineering. 2017; (31):1-15.https://doi.org/10.5937/podrad1731001T

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