Development of an Evacuation Support Tool for a Metropolitan University

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Marquez, Leorey ORCID ID icon; Rollan, Therese; Roxas, Rachel; Malaay, Emmanuel; Dela Cruz, Angelica


Conference Material

2020 EWG-ORD Workshop, USA, 29 August 2020


This paper introduces the University Evacuation Decision Support System, or Evac DSS in short. Evac DSS is a collaboration between Data61, the data intelligence division of CSIRO Australia, and one of the medium-sized institutions in the “University Belt”. The initial case study will focus on a campus consisting of three multi-story buildings and serving 5000 students, faculty and staff. This project aims to develop a framework for disaster preparedness for institutions in the University Belt, but one that can be applied in other areas globally because of its timeliness and flexibility of implementation. The project plans to deliver an assessment tool for identifying Disaster Response Plans that minimize the number of casualties in a sufficiently large number of disaster scenarios and conditions, a validated simulation model that can be customized for use by other institutions under similar scenarios, and a case study report that demonstrates the significant value of modelling and simulation technologies in understanding and resolving complex issues in emergency planning and management. This paper discusses the basic components and features of Evac DSS, and describes its use of agent-based modelling and the GAMA software in implementing the disaster scenarios and evacuation simulation. The discussion also includes descriptions of the input data, the principal tasks involved in processing data and running the simulation, and the various measures of performance used to compare results and assess evacuation plans. Finally, the paper presents future work and capabilities for Evac DSS.


Agent-Based Simulation; Evacuation Modelling; Decision Support Systems

Simulation and Modelling

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Marquez, Leorey; Rollan, Therese; Roxas, Rachel; Malaay, Emmanuel; Dela Cruz, Angelica. Development of an Evacuation Support Tool for a Metropolitan University. In: 2020 EWG-ORD Workshop; 29 August 2020; USA. IFORS; 2020. 44-45.

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