The Strength of Australian Pole Timbers. III. Jarrah Poles

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Boyd, J.D.



31 p.

Extensive testing has been carried out to determine the strength of jarrah poles in three moisture conditions — green, seasoned and resoaked, and desapped, seasoned, and resoaked. Analyses of results have established the adequacy of the sampling, and the relationships between the strength of poles and that of small specimens matched to them have been defined. It was shown that there was a considerable difference between the strength of the small specimens matched to the poles, and the strength of standard test specimens obtained from previous samplings of this timber from logs for sawmilling. Jarrah poles are considerably stronger than might have been deduced from the standard test data, and their strength did not vary much with the girth of the poles. An allowance for the effect of seasoning checks on the strength of poles saturated with water in the critically stressed section was established with reasonable precision. Basic working stresses for jarrah poles have been derived.



CSIRO. Division of Forest Products; Division of Forest Products Technological paper; Forestry and Forest Products

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Division of Forest Products Technological Paper

no. 23



Boyd, J.D. The Strength of Australian Pole Timbers. III. Jarrah Poles . Melbourne: CSIRO; 1962.

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