Pulping Studies on New Guinea Woods. III. Investigations on Various Hardwood Species

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Phillips, F.H.



22 p.

Pulping studies have been carried out on samples of Anthocephalus cadamba (Roxb.) Miq., Anisoptera polyandra Bl., Castanopsis acuminatissima (Bl.) Hickel A. Camus, Pouteria luzonensis (Merrill) Baehni var. papuana Erlee, and Pasania spp. from the Bulolo-Lae area. New Guinea. Satisfactory yields of sulphate pulp were obtained from all woods, but pulp from Anthocephalus cadamba had the highest overall strength properties. Sulphate pulps from Anisoptera polyandra and Pasania spp. developed high tearing resistance with beating, which indicated that these species would be suitable for mixed pulping with woods that produce pulp of high bursting strength. Anisoptera polyandra gave the strongest neutral sulphite semichemical pulp, although the other species, with the exception of Pouteria luzonensis, were suitable for pulping by this process. However, in the case of cold soda semichemical pulping, only Anthocephalus cadamba gave a satisfactory product. Groundwood pulps were poor in quality, but under commercial conditions each of the woods, except Pouteria luzonensis, may produce pulp suitable for use. A simple method for the initial assessment of the papermaking potential of various hardwood species, based on previous investigations on New Guinea timbers and published work, has been developed. A knowledge of the basic density and fibre length of a species, together with a measure of the Cross and Bevan cellulose content and extractive content, enables a reasonable assessment to be made of the suitability of that species as raw material for chemical pulping and papermaking.



CSIRO. Division of Forest Products; Division of Forest Products Technological Paper; Forestry and Forest Products


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Division of Forest Products Technological Paper

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Phillips, F.H. Pulping Studies on New Guinea Woods. III. Investigations on Various Hardwood Species . Melbourne: CSIRO; 1965. https://doi.org/10.25919/5f888e54c551f

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