Milk powders in the marketplace

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Augustin, M. A.; Margetts, C. L.


Book Chapter

Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition


The paper discusses: Nutritional signifigance; Principle spray-dried milk powder products - Production of skim, full-cream, and buttermilk powders; Applications of skim, full-cream milk, and buttermilk powders. Dried casein products - Production of casein products; Applications of casein products. Dried whey and whey protein concentrates - Production of whey-based powders; Applications of whey-based powders. Other milk powder products - Cream and high-fat powders; High free-fat milk powders; High heat stable milk powders; Milk protein concentrate powders; Skim milk / whey powder blends; Lactose-hydrolyzed milk powder; Yoghurt powder; Milk protein hydrolysates. Milk powder production worldwide. Future milk powders in the marketplace.

Academic Press

San Diego, Calif.

Food Science Australia; Milk powder


Augustin, M. A.; Margetts, C. L. Milk powders in the marketplace. In: Caballero, B.; Trugo, L.; Finglas, P. editors, editor/s. Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition. San Diego, Calif.: Academic Press; 2003. 4694-4702.

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