Flood generation and transmission in the Burdekin and Haughton rivers north Queensland

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Fleming, P.M.; Loofs, M.



(91/15): 22p. 18 refs, illus.

"Flood generation in the Burdekin and Haughton Rivers is discussed in relation to geology, geomorphology, soils and land use, and their interaction with the landscape and weather systems. Major floods generated above the Burdekin Falls Dam are usually partial area floods from low gradient streams draining low relief catchments and so have broad hydrographs. The highest flows in the lower Burdekin are generated by floods from either the rapidly responding Bowen-Broken-Bogie systems below the Dam, or the upper Burdekin above the Dam." -- Abstract

CSIRO Division of Water Resources

Black Mountain, ACT

Land and Water; Floods/Water catchments/Meteorological processes/Queensland


PTHY: Hydrology, Water supply

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Technical Memorandum. Division of Water Resources. CSIRO Australia





Fleming, P.M.; Loofs, M. Flood generation and transmission in the Burdekin and Haughton rivers north Queensland. Black Mountain, ACT: CSIRO Division of Water Resources; 1991-12. Report No.:(91/15): 22p. 18 refs, illus..https://doi.org/10.4225/08/586d397662f54

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