Regional Climate Change Simulation and Training Workshop on Climate Change Over Eastern Indonesia and Vietnam

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Kirono, Dewi; McGregor, John ORCID ID icon; Nguyen, Kim; Katzfey, Jack ORCID ID icon; Kent, David



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An ensemble of climate simulations has been performed at 14 km resolution over the eastern part of Indonesia using the CSIRO Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM). This effort was jointly conducted by two CSIRO AusAID Research Alliance projects, “Climate Futures and Rural Livelihood Adaptation Strategies in Nusa Tenggara Barat Province (NTB), Indonesia” and “Climate Adaptation through Sustainable Urban Development, with case study in Can Tho, Vietnam and Makassar, Indonesia”. Subsequently, a training workshop on ‘Modelling climate change over Eastern Indonesia and Vietnam” was conducted at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Melbourne during 3-12 November 2010. Fourteen participants (from Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia) attended the workshop to learn how to run CCAM, how to use data manipulation routines and display packages, and how to use output of the simulations for some common analyses. Within the workshop, lectures provided the participants with a better understanding of the climate variability of the regions, and provided guidance on developing climate change projections which may be used as input for impacts assessments. At the end of the workshop, the participants gave short presentations on their research topics. Overall, the feedback regarding achieving the workshop objectives and personal development of the participants was very positive.

CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

Regional climate simulation; CCAM; Training workshop

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Kirono, Dewi; McGregor, John; Nguyen, Kim; Katzfey, Jack; Kent, David. Regional Climate Change Simulation and Training Workshop on Climate Change Over Eastern Indonesia and Vietnam. CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research; 2010.

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