Simulated streamflow in northern Australia

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Gallant, Simon; Petheram, Cuan ORCID ID icon; Rustomji, Paul



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The Northern Australia Sustainable Yields Project marks the first time a consistent, robust and transparent assessment has been carried out across the three jurisdictions of northern Australia, and the first time models have included an assessment of possible future climate implications. Four scenarios were assessed as part of the project: • historical climate (1930 to 2007) and current development (Scenario A) • recent climate (1996 to 2007) and current development (Scenario B) • future climate (~2030) and current development (Scenario C) • future climate (~2030) and likely future development (Scenario D). The results are contained within three divisional reports (i.e. Northern North-East Coast Drainage Division, Gulf of Carpentaria Drainage Division and the Timor Sea Drainage Division). Accompanying these divisional reports are a series of CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country Flagship Science Reports, which contain supporting technical material. This report complements the rainfall-runoff modelling (Petheram et al. 2009a) and river system modelling (2009b) technical reports by providing transects of streamflow for the major rivers in northern Australia and monthly summary data for the streamflow reporting nodes used in the Northern Australia Sustainable yields project. It is the intention that this report be used in conjunction with the rainfall-runoff and river system modelling technical reports.



northern Australia; streamflow; runoff; climate change

Surfacewater Hydrology

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Gallant, Simon; Petheram, Cuan; Rustomji, Paul. Simulated streamflow in northern Australia. CSIRO: CSIRO; 2011. csiro:EP114339.

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