Research Opportunities for Sustainable Urban and Regional Development in Vietnam and Indonesia

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Bai, Xuemei; Beaty, Matt; Kearns, Allen; Meharg, Seona




Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions for climate change impacts, including sea level rise, tropical cyclones, flooding and drought. With the recognition that much climate change is 'locked-in' and cannot be mitigated, there is a growing emphasis on finding ways of reducing vulnerability and helping communities adapt to current and anticipated climate change impacts. Asia’s exceptional economic growth over the last two decades has led to the region constituting one-third of the world’s economy and has helped reduce income poverty in general and promote the expansion of cities and towns. However, this growth and the rising importance of global cities and city regions have created a new economic geography with significant disparities in urban development both within and between countries. Asia is now home to some of the world’s largest and richest economies and some of its poorest. More than 200 million people live in poverty in Asian cities, although cities, on average, provide 80 percent of the national economic base. Though cities have become the hubs of economic growth, they are also responsible for 78% of carbon emissions while occupying less than 3% of the Earth’s surface. One of the key challenges for managing urbanisation in Asia is finding ways to promote new social, economic and environmental development pathways through strategic investment in urban policy, governance, and development practice. Foreign aid investments in cities are one of the potential pathways to influence a sustainable development trajectory. A systems approach has been developed in this report emphasizing the role of different actors and various linkages among different governmental hierarchies, sectors, and actors (local and international). The report also questions how do changes occur in a particular social-technological or socialecological system, what induces change, and what are the barriers to change? This report is developed in response to AusAid request to provide scientific input to the ongoing development of AusAid internal urban development strategy. Thus, the initial audience of the report is AusAid.



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Bai, Xuemei; Beaty, Matt; Kearns, Allen; Meharg, Seona. Research Opportunities for Sustainable Urban and Regional Development in Vietnam and Indonesia. CSIRO: CSIRO; 2009. csiro:EP148560.

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