Climate adaptation: what it means for Australian consumers

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Lim-Camacho, Lilly; Ariyawardana, Anoma; Lewis, Gemma; Crimp, Steve




There is little doubt that climate change has and will continue to influence the quantity, quality and availability of food produced in Australia and globally. Impacts are likely to be felt across a range of activities along the supply chain, including availability and security of raw materials, the length of growing seasons and harvest patterns, and the costs of transportation and manufacturing. Climate change impacts are likely to change the amount and quality of the products consumers are presented with. Although substantial work has been conducted on the risks of climate change to industry and in particular the food sector, very few researchers have attempted to understand how climate change impacts attitudes and purchasing decisions of consumers. In particular, there is much to be explored in understanding how consumers perceive climate adaptation in light of the food they purchase and consume. Until now, there has been no research that has sought to understand whether adaptation strategies can add value to certain food products. It is thought that this information may assist Australian food value chains and businesses in making decisions about their strategies in response to the impacts of climate change.



climate adaptation business industry value chain supply chain risk management consumer marketing

Marketing Management (incl. Strategy and Customer Relations); Environmental Science and Management not elsewhere classified

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Lim-Camacho, Lilly; Ariyawardana, Anoma; Lewis, Gemma; Crimp, Steve. Climate adaptation: what it means for Australian consumers. Brisbane: CSIRO; 2014.

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