Report on multi-scale representations - WIRADAII Geofabric Deliverable 2.5 Client Report

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Car, Nick ORCID ID icon; Atkinson, Rob; Squire, Geoffrey ORCID ID icon




The Geofabric has multiple scale representations tied to the two Digital Elevation Model (DEM) base products with resolutions at 3 1 arc second (90m and 30m respectively). As they are known, Version 2 products are derived from the 3” DEM, Version 3 and beyond from the 1” DEM. As of June, 2014, Version 2 products are in public release and a test set of Version 3 products for the Namoi catchment are available. These include contracted catchments and some contracted nodes that retain identity (IDs) across versions. The Geofabric product set currently has several types of versioning beyond the macro “Version 2” and “Version 3” products which generally indicate changes in product scale. Changes in processing algorithms and changes in non-scale-related input data also occur and need to be indicated to users. This report recommends some methods to handle these concepts and provide mechanisms such as naming conventions, to avoid confusion when referring to Geofabric data by version informally (in speech) and formally (in written statements and data product IDs, including URIs used to access data via services). These methods, which are business rules, ask for the separation of the various axes of product classification currently bound in the single concept of versions and for the use of different terminology to describe product differences according to each axis. These multiple axes of classification then describe how the series of Geofabric products are technically presented via web services and in other forms. They allow the concurrent delivery of multiple scale representations of products, as well as multiple representations according to other classification axes. This document presents its recommendations in numbered list format in order that specific recommendations be referenced easily.



Uniform Resource Identifier; Version Control System; Linked Data; WIRADA

Conceptual Modelling

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Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship. ISSN: 1835-095X.


Client Report (Author)


Car, Nick; Atkinson, Rob; Squire, Geoffrey. Report on multi-scale representations - WIRADAII Geofabric Deliverable 2.5 Client Report. CSIRO: CSIRO; 2014.

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