Geothermal Heat Use in Gas Processing Facilities, A Feasibility Study

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Huddlestone-Holmes, Cameron ORCID ID icon; Hadley, Trevor; Cousins, Ashleigh ORCID ID icon; Hayward, Jenny ORCID ID icon; Li, Chaoen





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geothermal energy; gas; natural gas; process engineering; engineering design; mass and energy balance; modelling; Pro-Treat; mechanical design; techno-economic evaluation; waste heat utilization; energy intergration; heat integration; direct use

Chemical Engineering Design; Petroleum and Coal Geology; Energy Generation, Conversion and Storage Engineering; Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering; Environment and Resource Economics

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Huddlestone-Holmes, Cameron; Hadley, Trevor; Cousins, Ashleigh; Hayward, Jenny; Li, Chaoen. Geothermal Heat Use in Gas Processing Facilities, A Feasibility Study. CSIRO Publications: CSIRO; 2015.

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