Australia-Indonesia Centre Megatrends: Infrastructure Factsheet

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Meharg, Seona


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A joint Indonesian-Australian researcher meeting for the Infrastructure Cluster was held in Surabaya, Indonesia in January 2015. During this meeting a horizon scanning activity was undertaken with 20 members of the Cluster and two AIC representatives. The horizon scanning exercise aggregated participant concerns into common issues, drivers and megashocks. Shared issues were categorised into five main themes: environment, governance, sustainability, effectiveness, and issues specific to ports. Four were listed as Category C and D, and one was Category C only (Table A). Potential megashocks varied between the broad issues, but the most frequently mentioned were changing government policies or environment, climate-related events, natural disasters such as earthquakes or flooding, fuel price spikes or insecurity and global disease pandemics and health issues. Based on these shared issues and drivers as well as the subsequent foresighting process, four overlapping megatrends were identified: Environmental Risks and Opportunities, International Gateways, Coming Ready or Not, and Technology and Innovation. THE FOUR MEGATRENDS IDENTIFIED FOR THE INFRASTRUCTURE CLUSTER Using information and data suggested by Cluster researchers during the horizon scanning, combined with a literature review on the drivers and issues identified, narratives were collated for each megatrend.

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