Project Final Report - Coupled Fracture Mechanics Modelling

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Shen, Baotang; Guo, Hua ORCID ID icon; Kim, Hyung Mok; Park, Eui Seob



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An international collaboration project has been established and the participants are CSIRO, FRACOM, SKEC, KIGAM, GGA and GeoFrames. The project is aimed at developing an advanced numerical package that predicts the effect of coupled explicit fracturing/fluid flow/thermal processes. This package builds on the existing fracture mechanics code FRACOD and utilises both existing and new experimental data and knowledge concerning the complex coupled processes. The project commenced in September 2007 and has a total duration of 3 years. This report summarise the research activities and key results obtained in the project.

CSIRO report

Mining Engineering

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This report has been placed on the CSIRO repository and may be made available to persons outside of CSIRO for non commercial purposes, in its entirety and without deletion of disclaimers and copyright information.


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Shen, Baotang; Guo, Hua; Kim, Hyung Mok; Park, Eui Seob. Project Final Report - Coupled Fracture Mechanics Modelling. CSIRO report; 2010.

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