Collation of Australian modeller's streamflow dataset for 780 unregulated Australian catchments

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Zhang, Yongqiang; Viney, Neil ORCID ID icon; Frost, Andrew; Oke, Alison; Brooks, Matthew; Chen, Yun ORCID ID icon; Campbell, Nathan



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This report summarises the collation of a daily streamflow and catchment attribute dataset for 780 unregulated and unimpaired catchments across Australia. This study was undertaken to providing a consistent national dataset for calibration and validation of the Australian Water Resources Assessment (AWRA) system model under the Water Information Research and Development Alliance (WIRADA) between CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology. This data also serves as a standard publicly available national dataset for hydrological model evaluation. A set of 780 unregulated and unimpaired stations (or catchments) were selected from more than 4000 stations across Australia using four selection criteria aimed towards identification of unregulated and umimpaired catchments with sufficient length of record for meaningful use in model calibration and validation. Instantaneous or daily streamflow data for these gauging stations were requested from state water agencies and data quality codes were used to obtain benchmark daily streamflow data and unified 6-class quality codes for each catchment. Catchment boundaries were delineated for each selected gauge station. For each catchment, gauge information and catchment attributes were extracted or calculated. These included unified station number, station name, river name, state, gauge latitude/longitude, elevation, slope, climate, soil hydraulic properties and land cover types. Finally, subsets of the 780 catchments were selected for calibration and validation of the AWRA-L model. This streamflow dataset is being used in refinement of the AWRA system model, which in turn is being used by the Bureau in production of the annual National Water Account (NWA; see and annual Australian Water Resource Assessment Reports (



streamflow; data; collation; Australia

Surfacewater Hydrology

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Zhang, Yongqiang; Viney, Neil; Frost, Andrew; Oke, Alison; Brooks, Matthew; Chen, Yun; Campbell, Nathan. Collation of Australian modeller's streamflow dataset for 780 unregulated Australian catchments. Australia: CSIRO; 2013.

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