Ocean Renewable Energy: 2015-2050: An analysis of ocean energy in Australia

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Behrens, Sam ORCID ID icon; Griffin, David; Hayward, Jenny ORCID ID icon; Hemer, Mark ORCID ID icon; Knight, Chris ORCID ID icon; McGarry, Scott ORCID ID icon; Osman, Peter; Wright, John




Ocean waves, tidal and ocean flows, collectively known as Ocean Renewable Energy (ORE), are attracting increasing interest in Australia as a potentially viable source of renewable energy. Recently, the CSIRO Wealth from Oceans Flagship (WfO) was commissioned by the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Community (DEWHA) to produce maps of wave, tidal and non-tidal ocean flow energy distributions around the Australian coastline. These preliminary energy distribution maps, produced from the best available existing information, provide evidence of substantial, but imprecisely quantified, potentially extractable energy. Several Australian and overseas companies have initiated ventures to use ORE for grid-connected electricity generation and/or related uses, such as desalination. With this growing interest, WfO and the CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship (ETF) jointly conducted a study to assess the potential of ORE in Australia and to identify research and development gaps and opportunities that could be addressed by CSIRO for Australia‟s benefit. The study commences with an assessment of Australian ORE resources and their availability in terms of providing accessible forms of renewable energy (e.g., magnitudes, extent of variability and forecasting). Ocean energy conversion devices and their characteristics are then considered together with specific examples of devices for which performance data is available. Issues in setting up “farms” of multiple devices are described together with an assessment of how much energy might be extracted from specific coastal locations identified by the resource survey. The analysis concentrates particularly on wave energy as the most likely form of significant ORE in Australia. This information is then used to develop scenario projections of the possible market share of wave energy in Australia out to 2050. Facilitation issues, including competing uses such as shipping, fishing etc. are considered, along with a brief commentary on broad environmental aspects of significant ORE activity. Finally, a brief survey is given of Australian (including recent Australian RD) and international ORE developments and activities.


North Ryde

Renewable Power and Energy Systems Engineering (excl. Solar Cells)

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Behrens, Sam; Griffin, David; Hayward, Jenny; Hemer, Mark; Knight, Chris; McGarry, Scott; Osman, Peter; Wright, John. Ocean Renewable Energy: 2015-2050: An analysis of ocean energy in Australia. North Ryde: CSIRO; 2012. csiro:EP113441. https://doi.org/10.4225/08/584af1865b172

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