Sunshine Coast Climate Futures

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Lim-Camacho, Lilly; Ashworth, Peta; Webb, Leanne




Australia's climate is changing, and this change is expected to increase and continue well into the future. The exact changes cannot be known with absolute certainty, so we must prepare for a range of challenges and opportunities that the future may bring. As tourism operators, we are exposed to many changes and risks in our physical and economic environments. Coping with and adapting to these changes have become part of how our businesses are managed. As the climate brings new changes in the future, we are presented with new challenges and opportunities. By understanding, planning for and adapting to these changes, we are able to develop resilient businesses and a resilient tourism industry for the Sunshine Coast. This tool is developed to assist tourism operators in the Sunshine Coast to understand the range of impacts and opportunities that different climate futures may bring. Four climate future storylines have been developed to highlight the potential climate changes relevant to Sunshine Coast tourism and help you to identify a range of adaptation actions.


Climate Futures; Sunshine Coast; Climate Change; Tourism

Climate Change Processes

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Lim-Camacho, Lilly; Ashworth, Peta; Webb, Leanne. Sunshine Coast Climate Futures. CSIRO; 2012.

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