Broadband impact and challenges: realising the benefits from the digital economy

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Campbell, Shahan; Mason, Claire ORCID ID icon; Griffith, Colin ORCID ID icon; Dane, Sharon; Reeson, Andrew ORCID ID icon; McInally, Beth; Kimber, Julie



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Australia has embarked on a massive nationwide investment in next generation broadband (NGB) infrastructure. NGB and the digital services it enables are expected to have a profound and positive impact on the Australian way of life. However, simply connecting premises to NGB does not guarantee Australia is prepared to achieve the best possible outcomes. What we do next is vital. This report provides a timely guide for businesses and governments to understand the impacts and opportunities NGB presents to Australia’s economy and society. Surveys of the community, businesses and thought leaders are complemented with detailed analyses of existing data sources and peer-reviewed economic and social research. This report highlights key findings from four major research activities: • Interviews conducted with thought leaders and stakeholders from across Australian society, exploring opportunities and risks associated with NGB.1 • A comprehensive survey of household internet use, examining both enablers and inhibitors of digital engagement and links between internet use and broader life experiences.2 • Economic analysis of the business outcomes associated with information and communications technology (ICT) investment and online engagement, drawing on Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data and other international peer-reviewed analyses of economic impacts.3 • Interviews exploring small business owners’ experiences with internet applications and the barriers and enablers of greater digital engagement.4 In combination, this research provides real insights on the economic and social benefits of promoting greater use of broadband and associated digital services. It also provides practical information on how to influence and support initiatives to grow our engagement with the digital economy. A clearer understanding of the impacts and challenges of broadband in Australia will inform the development and delivery of beneficial digital services and will increase opportunities for Australia’s social development, innovation and economic growth.

CSIRO and Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation


Industrial and Organisational Psychology

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Campbell, Shahan; Mason, Claire; Griffith, Colin; Dane, Sharon; Reeson, Andrew; McInally, Beth; Kimber, Julie. Broadband impact and challenges: realising the benefits from the digital economy. Sydney: CSIRO and Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation; 2013.

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