Next generation broadband: understanding the impacts, capturing the benefits

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Horn, Mark; Dane, Sharon; Griffith, Colin ORCID ID icon; Kimber, Julie; Marquez, Leorey ORCID ID icon; Mason, Claire ORCID ID icon; McInally, Beth; Reeson, Andrew ORCID ID icon



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This Report is about the potential benefits and other impacts that Next Generation Broadband (NGB) – exemplified in Australia by the National Broadband Network (NBN) – will bring to individuals, communities, businesses and governments. Attention is focussed on methods for measuring those impacts and maximizing net benefits, under a strategic framework that includes both social and economic factors. A research agenda for Australian policy and commercial strategy is proposed, together with a brief review of research in CSIRO. Key findings from the literature are highlighted, along with preliminary results from current CSIRO investigations.


North Ryde, NSW

broadband; impact assessment; economic impact; social impact

Operations Research

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This report has been placed on the CSIRO repository and may be made available to persons outside of CSIRO for non commercial purposes, in its entirety and without deletion of disclaimers and copyright information.


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Horn, Mark; Dane, Sharon; Griffith, Colin; Kimber, Julie; Marquez, Leorey; Mason, Claire; McInally, Beth; Reeson, Andrew. Next generation broadband: understanding the impacts, capturing the benefits. North Ryde, NSW: CSIRO; 2013.

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