The Australian ste data collation to support Global Soil Map

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Searle, Ross


Conference Material

GlobalSoilMap Conference 2013, Orleans, France, 7–9 October 2013


Arrouays D, McKenzie N, Hempel J, Richer de Forges A and McBratney AB

As Digital Soil Mapping moves from the small scale research domain into the development of the Global Soil Map (GSM), the need for legacy data infrastructure to support this has concomitantly increased. In Australia, the state soil survey agencies are responsible for the collection and management of soils data. Thus, in Australia, there are 8 independent and unique soils data management systems. These are purpose built and support the operating requirements of each state agency under state legislation and regulation. To support the Australian contribution to the Global Soil Map, a collaboration of state and national agencies as well as some universities has developed a unified National Soil Site Collation (NSSC). A range of techniques implemented in softwares have been developed to populate, and analyse the NSSC. Techniques have also been developed to automatically generate the mass preserving splines used as input to spatial modelling approaches. The Australian NSSC currently contains data for 281,202 individual soil profiles with both quantitative and qualitative information recorded. There are approximately 2.5 million individual laboratory analysis records. This paper will discuss the pros and cons of developing a unified site data infrastructure as well as some of the pragmatic issues encountered. This paper will also present details of the system architecture and discuss the range of issues encountered in using the data for Global Soil Map production as well as discussing oppor-tunities arising from the development of this resource.

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London, UK

Soil Data;Global Soil Map;Information Systems;

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Searle, Ross. The Australian ste data collation to support Global Soil Map. In: Arrouays D, McKenzie N, Hempel J, Richer de Forges A and McBratney AB, editor/s. GlobalSoilMap Conference 2013; 7–9 October 2013; Orleans, France. London, UK: CRC Press; 2014. 127–132.

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