Marine Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Report Card for Australia

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Poloczanska, Elvira; Richardson, Anthony; Hobday, Alistair


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Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans, Santos, Brazil, 23-27 March 2015


The Marine Climate Change Report Cards for Australia (2009 and 2012) provide information about the observed and projected impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems and taxonomic groups and present potential or implemented adaptation actions. Knowledge of observed and projected changes in ocean physics and chemistry as well as climate variability were also synthesized. Over 80 authors from 35 universities and institutions contributed to the syntheses. Key findings of the 2012 Report Card include warming temperatures are influencing the distribution of marine plants and animals, with species currently found in tropical and temperate waters moving polewards; winds over the Southern Ocean and ocean current dynamics strongly influence foraging for seabirds that breed in southeast Australia and feed close to the Antarctic each summer; some tropical fish species have a greater ability to acclimatise to rising water temperatures than previously thought; the impacts of two years of extreme events, including floods and heatwaves, are widely evident in the marine environment; the Australian Science community is widely engaged in research, monitoring and observing programs to increase our understanding of climate change impacts and inform management; adaptation planning is underway, from seasonal forecasting for fisheries and aquaculture, to climate-proofing of breeding sites for turtles and seabirds. Plans for the third version of the Marine Report Card include inclusion of indicators to monitor adaptation progress.


Ecological Impacts of Climate Change


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Poloczanska, Elvira; Richardson, Anthony; Hobday, Alistair. Marine Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Report Card for Australia. In: Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans; 23-27 March 2015; Santos, Brazil. PICES; 2015. na.

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