Australia 2030 - Navigating our uncertain future

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Australia is facing an uncertain economic future, with slowing growth in the resources sector and increasing competition from overseas. Innovation will be key to Australian industry remaining competitive in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world. New business models and disruptive technologies are transforming industries and threatening established businesses faster than ever before. This report aims to assist senior decision makers in both government and industry navigate the uncertain future and plan today’s innovation investments to meet future opportunities and challenges. It uses a scenarios-based approach to expand thinking about potential futures, understand the trade-offs facing Australia, and guide strategic planning at both a national level and within individual companies. Four scenarios for Australia in 2030 have been developed and used to explore their impact on key Australian sectoral growth areas. Finally, the report presents a broader framework for companies to apply to guide strategic planning and STI investment decisions. This framework provides a structured way to customise the scenarios to the operating context of an individual company, identify and prioritise growth opportunities, and build and implement an innovation portfolio to capitalise on these opportunities.



Innovation, scenarios, futures, strategic planning

Innovation and Technology Management

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CSIRO. Australia 2030 - Navigating our uncertain future. Clayton: CSIRO; 2016.

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