The De‐Identification Decision‐Making Framework

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O'Keefe, Christine; Otorepec, Stephanie; Elliot, Mark; Mackey, Elaine; O'Hara, Kieron




The need for well‐thought‐out de‐identification has never been more acute. There is an increasing recognition of the value of sharing and releasing data, while at the same time it is vital to protect personal information. De‐identification is a process that transforms data which would otherwise be subject to data protection laws, into a form that is not identifiable, releasing it from such restrictions and allowing it to be shared or disseminated, or put to uses which may otherwise not be permitted. This book has been developed to address a need for a practical guide to de‐identification. The book may be of interest to a de‐identification specialist who would appreciate a fresh, integrated perspective on the topic. However, it is primarily intended for those who have data that they need to de‐identify with confidence, usually in order to share or release it.

CSIRO Data61

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De-identification, privacy, confidentiality

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O'Keefe, Christine; Otorepec, Stephanie; Elliot, Mark; Mackey, Elaine; O'Hara, Kieron. The De‐Identification Decision‐Making Framework. CSIRO website: CSIRO Data61; 2017.

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