Strategic Foresight for Regional Australia: Megatrends, Scenarios and Implications

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Taylor, Bruce; Walton, Andrea ORCID ID icon; Loechel, Barton ORCID ID icon; Measham, Tom ORCID ID icon; Fleming, David A. ORCID ID icon




Using a strategic foresight approach, this study identifies megatrends and plausible future scenarios for living, working and investing in regional Australia in 2040. We analysed in detail the social, economic, environmental, technological and institutional trends that have played out in Australia, and internationally, in past decades and which affect the regions and their development. These individual trends are grouped as five megatrends – major influences that have driven change in the past and are expected to shape change into the future.



Strategic, Foresight, regional development

Economic Development Policy

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Taylor, Bruce; Walton, Andrea; Loechel, Barton; Measham, Tom; Fleming, David A. Strategic Foresight for Regional Australia: Megatrends, Scenarios and Implications. Brisbane: CSIRO; 2017.

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