Future Agriculture Farm Management using Augmented Reality

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Xi, Mingze ORCID ID icon; Adcock, Matt; McCulloch, John


Conference Material

IEEE Virtual Reality 2018, Reutlingen, Germany, March 18-22


Augmented reality (AR) technology is blooming in the past few years with a growing number of low-cost AR devices becoming available to the general public. AR techniques have demonstrated the capacity to optimise task efficiency in a broad range of industries and provide engaging entertainment and education experiences. However, the potential of AR has not yet been fully explored. One of the extremely underexplored areas is its application in broad agriculture sector. As a major source of food, agriculture has always been a national priority. Agriculture farming is highly labour-intensive and heavily relies on individual farmer’s expertise, resulting in challenging farm management issues. We argue that AR can make critical contributions to the optimum management of agriculture farms. We take aquaculture ponds as an example, and presented three use cases to show how AR can potentially support more efficient farm management activities: water quality management, remote collaboration, and boardroom discussion.


Augmented reality; interactive data visualisation; decision making; farm management

Virtual Reality and Related Simulation ; Computer-Human Interaction


Conference Paper - Refereed



Xi, Mingze; Adcock, Matt; McCulloch, John. Future Agriculture Farm Management using Augmented Reality. In: IEEE Virtual Reality 2018; March 18-22; Reutlingen, Germany. IEEE; 2018. 1-3. csiro:EP181250. http://hdl.handle.net/102.100.100/87180?index=1

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