Australian National Outlook 2019 Technical report

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Brinsmead, Thomas ORCID ID icon; Rendall, Andrew; Baynes, Tim ORCID ID icon; Butler, Cameron; Kelly, Rob; Adams, Philip; Hayward, Jenny ORCID ID icon; Reedman, Luke ORCID ID icon; Nolan, Martin ORCID ID icon; Lennox, James; Hennessy, Kevin; Wynn, Katherine ORCID ID icon; Ahmad, Maryam; Marcos Martinez, Ray ORCID ID icon; Collins, Lyle; Lu, Yingying ORCID ID icon; Che, Nhu; Qiu, Jeremy; Kanudia, Amit




In 2015, CSIRO published the results of the first Australian National Outlook (ANO) project (CSIRO (2015) Australian National Outlook 2015: economic activity, resource use, environmental performance and living standards, 1970–2050. CSIRO, Australia). The project was a ‘first of its kind’ piece of integrated modelling aimed at a comprehensive exploration of the relationship between the physical economy and natural resource use in Australia. The modelling allowed ground breaking results (Schandl et al. (2015) Australia is ‘free to choose’ economic growth and falling environmental pressures, Nature DOI 10.1038/nature16065). Soon after, CSIRO and National Australia Bank (NAB) partnered to create the second phase of the Australian National Outlook, using CSIRO’s next generation integrated modelling suite to investigate the issues most pertinent to the future success of Australia’s economy. Australia’s business community was engaged to highlight the issues most pertinent for the future of Australia’s economy. The scope of ANO 2019 was significantly broader than ANO 2015, in that there was a greater focus on economic modelling as well as a consideration of cities, infrastructure, productivity and services. CSIRO and NAB harnessed the expertise of over 50 senior leaders (the Outlook Members) across 24 of Australia’s top corporations, organisations and universities to pair with CSIRO’s modelling and qualitative analysis. A full exploration of results and narrative interpretation can be read in the Australian National Outlook 2019 report (CSIRO and NAB (2019) Australian National Outlook. CSIRO, Australia). This document, the Australian National Outlook 2019 Technical report is a comprehensive peer-reviewed report that documents the technical detail underpinning the narrative report.



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This report has been placed on the CSIRO repository and may be made available to persons outside of CSIRO for non commercial purposes, in its entirety and without deletion of disclaimers and copyright information.


Technical Report (Author)


Brinsmead, Thomas; Rendall, Andrew; Baynes, Tim; Butler, Cameron; Kelly, Rob; Adams, Philip; Hayward, Jenny; Reedman, Luke; Nolan, Martin; Lennox, James; Hennessy, Kevin; Wynn, Katherine; Ahmad, Maryam; Marcos Martinez, Ray; Collins, Lyle; Lu, Yingying; Che, Nhu; Qiu, Jeremy; Kanudia, Amit. Australian National Outlook 2019 Technical report. Australia: CSIRO; 2019. csiro:EP183813.

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