Our Groundwater: A resource Book for Water Literacy

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Kookana, Rai; Maheshwari, Basant; Dillon, Peter; Purohit, Ramesh; Sachin, Oza




India is the largest user of groundwater in the world, with about 85% of its rural and about 50% of its urban water demands being currently met by groundwater. The over-pumping of groundwater in India is a serious issue. In 2016, almost 75% of groundwaters in India were under stress with 54% area under high to extreme stress. “Our Groundwater” has been written as a resource book for use by students and teachers and for others in community with an objective to enhance not only their awareness about the seriousness of groundwater over-exploitation in India but to empower the teaching community with practical information that could assist in solving this problem. The book deals with the issue of groundwater over-exploitation and management in a comprehensive manner, in that it offers students and teachers with information that is vital for both demand and supply management. We believe this is an important contribution towards "Water Literacy". Groundwater does not recognise the boundaries of regions or even countries. The title “Our Groundwater” highlights the fact that the groundwater is a common resource to all and it needs to be shared, carefully used and protected by all. We hope this book will help students, teachers and others in managing our groundwater carefully and cooperatively for years to come.


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Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)


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Kookana, Rai; Maheshwari, Basant; Dillon, Peter; Purohit, Ramesh; Sachin, Oza. Our Groundwater: A resource Book for Water Literacy. ACIAR; 2019. http://hdl.handle.net/102.100.100/238556?index=1

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