National Low-Voltage Feeder Taxonomy Study

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Geth, Frederik ORCID ID icon; Brinsmead, Thomas ORCID ID icon; West, Sam; Goldthorpe, Peter; Spak, Brian; Cross, Gavin; Braslavsky, Julio ORCID ID icon




In order to improve the hosting capacity of distributed energy resources (DER) across Australia, a greater understanding is required of low-voltage networks, to allow design and assessment of appropriate technologies and systems. The National Low-Voltage Feeder Taxonomy Study is the first national low-voltage network taxonomy that outlines the real-world characteristics of Australian low-voltage distribution systems. In doing so, we have developed a realistic, publicly available, dataset and models describing the most common types of low-voltage networks found in Australia. The purpose is to inform and facilitate early exploration in simulation of new energy technologies – it does not avoid the need for assessment for deployment in specific scenarios experienced in different distribution network areas. These models will enable users to test the value proposition of innovative technological solutions by highlighting how they contribute to the stability, reliability, and performance, of networks across Australia. The project has also identified specific areas where we need to improve the understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with using data to improve DER integration and encourage greater overall utilisation of the network. The 23 identified representative network models plus associated workbooks can be downloaded now as: ‘Low-Voltage Feeder Taxonomy Study - Data models’ release hosted on the Australia's National Energy Analytics Research Program website (NEAR) website. Download via .



Low Voltage Distribution Network, Feeder Taxonomy, Representative Models, cluster analysis,

Electrical engineering

2018_ARP131_Low-Voltage_Feeder_Taxonomy_Study_ARENASubmission_v1.1.2.pdf (pdf) (14.54MB)

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Australian Renewable Energy Agency - ARENA


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Geth, Frederik; Brinsmead, Thomas; West, Sam; Goldthorpe, Peter; Spak, Brian; Cross, Gavin; Braslavsky, Julio. National Low-Voltage Feeder Taxonomy Study. Newcastle: CSIRO; 2021. csiro:EP2021-2759.

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