Resource-Oriented Architecture for Business Processes

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Xu, Xiwei (Sherry); Zhu, Liming; Liu, Jenny; Staples, Mark


Conference Material

2008 15th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference

Beijing, China


REpresentational State Transfer(REST) [3] is the set of design principles behind the World Wide Web (WWW). REST treats all entities in the world as link-connected resources, and supports a Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA) for the design of applications. REST and ROA are responsible for many of the desirable quality attributes achieved in the WWW, such as loose-coupling (better adaptability) and interoperability. However, many exiting Web-based or service-oriented applications (WSDL/SOAP-based) only use WWW/HTTP as a tunneling protocol or abuse URL and POX (Plain Old XML) by encoding method semantics in them. These applications use fine-grained Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), breaking REST/ROA principles. We observe two kinds of challenges: 1) conceptually modelling process-intensive applications using a ROA promoted by the REST principles; and 2) practically decomposing a workflow-based business process into distributed, dynamic and RESTful process fragments. In this paper, we propose a ROA for business processes following the RESTful principles. We evaluate our approach by comparing it with current SOAP/WSDL/BPEL-driven approaches in terms of feasibility, process visibility, interoperability, and adaptability. We demonstrate that our approach better aligns process-intensive applications with the basic Web principles and promotes these desired quality attributes through dynamic and distributed process coordination.


REST; Representational State Transfer; resource-oriented architecture; World Wide Web




Xu, Xiwei (Sherry); Zhu, Liming; Liu, Jenny; Staples, Mark. Resource-Oriented Architecture for Business Processes. In: Zhang, W.; Sahibuddin, S. editor, editor/s. 2008 15th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference; Beijing, China. IEEE; 2008-12-05. 395-402.

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