Hype and Virtue

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Roscoe, Timothy; Elphinstone, Kevin; Heiser, Gernot

Roscoe, Timothy; Elphinstone, Kevin; Heiser, Gernot


Conference Material

Hot Topics in Operating Systems

San Diego, USA


In this paper, we question whether hypervisors are really acting as a disruptive force in OS research, instead arguing that they have so far changed very little at a technical level. Essentially, we have retained the conventional Unix-like OS interface and added a new ABI based on PC hardware which is highly unsuitable for most purposes. Despite commercial excitement, focus on hypervisor design may be leading OS research astray. However, adopting a different approach to virtualization and recognizing its value to academic research holds the prospect of opening up kernel research to new directions.




Roscoe, Timothy; Elphinstone, Kevin; Heiser, Gernot. Hype and Virtue. In: Galen Hunt Editor, editor/s. Hot Topics in Operating Systems; San Diego, USA. USENIX; 2007-05-07. 19-24.

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