Technical Software Development Process in the XML Domain

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Zhu, Liming; Tran, Tu Tak; Staples, Mark; Jeffery, Ross


Conference Material

International Conference on Software Process

Vancouver, Canada


Background: A Technical Development Process (TDP) is a development process for a particular technology, such as XML, service orientation, object orientation or a programming language. Unlike software development life-cycle processes, TDPs provide concrete and detailed guidance to software engineers working in a particular technology domain. TDPs are currently not well understood in terms of description, modelling and interactions with life-cycle processes. Aim: In this paper, we investigate what are TDPs in the XML domain and how can TDPs be modelled using existing development process modelling notations and tools. Method: We extracted XML specific TDPs from literatures, interviews and internal documentation within software development organizations and conducted systematic verifications and validations. Results: We identify different types of TDPs in the XML domain and propose mechanisms to model TDPs using Software Process Engineering Meta-models (SPEM) in the Eclipse Modelling Framework (EPF). Conclusion: The results demonstrate the feasibility of explicitly identifying and modelling of TDPs in the context of software process modelling and how they are used in software development. The results help further bridge the gap between macro-processes (life-cycle and management-centred processes) and micro-processes (e.g. developer-centred TDPs).




Zhu, Liming; Tran, Tu Tak; Staples, Mark; Jeffery, Ross. Technical Software Development Process in the XML Domain. In: Qing Wang, Vahid Garousi, Raymond J. Madachy, Dietmar Pfahl Editor, editor/s. International Conference on Software Process; Vancouver, Canada. Springer; 2009-05-16. 246-255.

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