Towards automatic optimisation of componentised systems

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Fitzroy-Dale, Nicholas; Kuz, Ihor

Fitzroy-Dale, Nicholas; Kuz, Ihor


Conference Material

IIES 2009

Nuremberg, Germany


Use of hardware-based memory protection to implement a componentised system is an effective way to enforce isolation between untrusted software components. Unfortunately this type of system design can lead to poor performance. Manual optimisation is error-prone and difficult. Instead, we describe a system to perform automatic optimisation of components, relying on three major functional units: a method to reconfigure the component system, simulations of each component in order to determine performance characteristics, and a system simulator that makes use of those characteristics to construct a ranking of optimisations. We start with a simple model and iteratively expand it until it is suitable for a wide variety of performance-measurement scenarios, and show that a small amount of information provided with each component allows for a wide variety of optimisation checks, such as scheduling, threading, and cache performance. We present our initial results with this system and discuss a number of interesting extensions.


Fitzroy-Dale, Nicholas; Kuz, Ihor. Towards automatic optimisation of componentised systems. In: Michael Engel Editor, editor/s. IIES 2009; Nuremberg, Germany. 2009-03-31. 6.

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