Mobility emulator for DTN and MANET applications

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Yoon, Hayoung; Kim, JongWon; Rakotoarivelo, Thierry; Ott, Max


Conference Material

WINTECH '09 Proceedings of the 4th ACM international workshop on Experimental evaluation and characterization

September 21, 2009

Beijing, China

Repeatable experiments to study the performance or behavior of the modern wireless mobile adhoc network (MANET) systems such as a delay (or disruption) tolerant network (DTN) and its application is a challenging task. The best way to do this is by building a mobile testbed which can carry the mobile devices and test applications or network protocols on top of it. Those methods require a lot of investment for management as well as setup cost. Therefore, most of algorithms and applications considering device mobility as a critical ingredient have been tested under the trace-based analysis and computer simulations. However, those evaluation methods are not enough to reflect various natures of mobile wireless networks. In this paper, we propose an On/Off-based mobility emulation method and its implementation that virtually migrates applications over static-grid testbed to mimic the device mobility. This emulation method assists DTN and MANET application and algorithm developers to evaluate their work in repeatable ways on the lab-scale static-grid testbed. Through extensive experimental analysis and case studies from two different testbeds, we show that the proposed emulation method can successfully recreate mobile traces while it keeps important characteristics of mobility trace data such as contact and inter-contact time distributions.

Association for Computing Machinery

Data61; NICTA



Yoon, Hayoung; Kim, JongWon; Rakotoarivelo, Thierry; Ott, Max. Mobility emulator for DTN and MANET applications.[Conference Material]. Association for Computing Machinery; 2009. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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