OMF: a control and management framework for networking testbeds

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Rakotoarivelo, Thierry; Ott, Max; Jourjon, Guillaume; Seskar, Ivan


Journal Article

ACM Operating Systems Review (OSR)




Networking testbeds are playing an increasingly important role in the development of new communication technologies. Testbeds are traditionally built for a particular project or to study a specific technology. An alternative approach is to federate existing testbeds to a) cater for experimenter needs which cannot be fulfilled by a single testbed, and b) provide a wider variety of environmental settings at different scales. These heterogenous settings allow the study of new approaches in environments similar to what one finds in the real world. This paper presents OMF, a control, measurement, and management framework for testbeds. It describes through some examples the versatility of OMF's current architecture and gives directions for federation of testbeds through OMF. In addition, this paper introduces a comprehensive experiment description language that allows an experimenter to describe resource requirements and their configurations, as well as experiment orchestration. Researchers would thus be able to reproduce their experiment on the same testbed or in a different environment with little changes. Along with the efficient support for large scale experiments, the use of testbeds and support for repeatable experiments will allow the networking field to build a culture of cross verification and therefore strengthen its scientific approach. ----- This work was first accepted for publication and presented at the SOSP Workshop on Real Overlays and Distributed Systems (ROADS '09). It was then selected with other papers from SOSP Workshops to be re-published in the December 2009 issue of ACM Operating Systems Review journal (

NICTA; Data61; testbed omf tempo



Rakotoarivelo, Thierry; Ott, Max; Jourjon, Guillaume; Seskar, Ivan. OMF: a control and management framework for networking testbeds. ACM Operating Systems Review (OSR). 2010-01-01; 43(4):54-59.

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