Towards sender-based TFRC

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Jourjon, Guillaume; Lochin, Emmanuel; Senac, Patrick


Conference Material

IEEE International Conference on Communications 2007 (IEEE ICC 2007)

Glasgow, UK


Pervasive communications are increasingly sent over mobile devices and personal digital assistants. This trend has been observed during the last football world cup where cellular phones service providers have measured a significant increase in multimedia traffic. To better carry multimedia traffic, the IETF standardized a new TCP Friendly Rate Control (TFRC) protocol. However, the current receiver-based TFRC design is not well suited to resource limited end systems. We propose a scheme to shift resource allocation and computation to the sender. This sender based approach led us to develop a new algorithm for loss notification and loss rate computation. We demonstrate the gain obtained in terms of memory requirements and CPU processing compared to the current design. Moreover this shifting solves security issues raised by classical TFRC implementations. We have implemented this new sender-based TFRC, named TFRClight, and conducted measurements under real world conditions.



Jourjon, Guillaume; Lochin, Emmanuel; Senac, Patrick. Towards sender-based TFRC. In: IEEE Editor, editor/s. IEEE International Conference on Communications 2007 (IEEE ICC 2007); Glasgow, UK. IEEE; 2007-06-24. 1588-1593.

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