Improving the Efficiency of Anonymous Routing for MANETs

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Chen, Terence; Boreli, Roksana; Sivaraman, Vijay


Journal Article

Computer Communication

Volume 35

Issue 5


Anonymity of mobile devices and their data is an essential requirement to facilitate the deployment of future Mobile Ad hoc Networks. The currently proposed anonymous routing mechanisms for such networks inherently include a trade-off between a high level of anonymity, performance achievable on mobile devices which have limited resources and the supported network size, with limitations resulting from the delays and overhead introduced by cryptographic operations. In this paper, we propose a novel anonymous routing protocol that provides improved anonymity and security while achieving similar or better performance, as compared to existing proposals. Our proposal achieves anonymity using a novel efficient solution for invisible implicit addressing based on keyed hash chain and security via a novel application of one-to-many Diffie-Hellman mechanism, used to exchange keys for symmetric encryption. The final contribution includes a mechanism to facilitate selection of a trusted route by verifying connections between intermediate nodes.We demonstrate the benefits of our proposal in comparison with previous approaches using analysis and simulation.

MANET, anonymous routing, onion routing, security, trust


Chen, Terence; Boreli, Roksana; Sivaraman, Vijay. Improving the Efficiency of Anonymous Routing for MANETs. Computer Communication. 2011-08-05; Volume 35(Issue 5):619-627. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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