Measuring a Commercial Content Delivery Network

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Triukose, Sipat; Wen, Zhihua; Rabinovich, Michael


Conference Material

20th International World Wide Web Conference WWW2011

Hyderabad, India


Content delivery networks (CDNs) have become a crucial part of the modern Web infrastructure. This paper studies the performance of the leading content delivery provider – Akamai. It measures the performance of the current Akamai platform and considers a key architectural question faced by both CDN designers and their prospective customers: whether the co-location approach to CDN platforms adopted by Akamai, which tries to deploy servers in numerous In- ternet locations, brings inherent performance benefits over a more consolidated data center approach pursued by other influential CDNs such as Limelight. We believe the method- ology we developed for this study will be useful for other researchers in the CDN arena.

Content Delivery Networks, Akamai, CDN Performance


Triukose, Sipat; Wen, Zhihua; Rabinovich, Michael. Measuring a Commercial Content Delivery Network.[Conference Material]. 2011-03-28. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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