Correct, fast, maintainable – choose any three!

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Blackham, Bernard; Heiser, Gernot

Blackham, Bernard; Heiser, Gernot


Conference Material

Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APSys)

Seoul, Korea


The common-case IPC handler in microkernels, referred to as the fastpath, is performance-critical and thus is often optimised using hand-written assembly. However, compiler technology has advanced significantly in the past decade, which suggests that we should reevaluate this approach. We present a case-study in the optimisation of the IPC fastpath in the seL4 microkernel. This fastpath is written in C and relies on an optimising C compiler for good performance. We present our techniques in modifying the C sources to assist with compiler optimisation. We compare our results with a hand-optimised assembly implementation, which gains no extra benefit from hand-tuning.


optimization, microkernels, verification, trustworthy systems


Blackham, Bernard; Heiser, Gernot. Correct, fast, maintainable – choose any three!. In: Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APSys); Seoul, Korea. ACM; 2012-07-23. 7.

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