Next-Generation Social TV Content Discovery

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Ardon, Sebastien; Berkovsky, Shlomo


Conference Material

The 20th conference on User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP-2012)


The recent advent of broadband Internet has led to a convergence of the Web, multimedia, and social media technologies, and revolutionized the TV content consumption. It facilitates users not only watching the TV content, but also accessing personalised information, generating new content, socialising with others, and expressing their emotions. This demonstration showcases the research prototype developed by the Social TV project, elaborates on the as-pects pertaining to user modelling, personalisation, and social media, and dis-cusses future large-scale evaluation with real users.


Ardon, Sebastien; Berkovsky, Shlomo. Next-Generation Social TV Content Discovery.[Conference Material]. 2012-07-18. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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