Design and Implementation of the Open Connectivity Services Framework

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Diez, Luis; Mehani, Olivier; Suciu, Lucian; Agüero, Ramón


Conference Material

MONAMI 2012, 4th International Conference on Mobile Networks, OConS Workshop

Hamburg, Germany


The Open Connectivity Services (OConS) framework is cur- rently being de?ned within the framework of the SAIL project. Its main objective is to oer adaptive connectivity services to seamlessly address user and service requirements while complying with operator policies and dealing with the heterogeneous and changing network conditions of the future Internet. This paper describes a realization of this framework. It supports exi- ble integration of both legacy and novel mechanisms and procotols by mapping them to three abstract functional entities: information, decision and execution elements. Organisation of these entities is done through an orchestration process to combine and integrate the various mechanisms into a full service for the user. We introduce the OConS protocol used for communication between the presented entities as well as the role played by the orchestration process. We then present the concrete example of a testbed based on this imple- mentation, which shows the feasability and eectiveness of the proposed approach.


Future Internet, Connectivity Services, Access Selection, Implementation, Demonstration

This is the author's version of the work. It is posted here by permission of ICST for personal use.


Diez, Luis; Mehani, Olivier; Suciu, Lucian; Agüero, Ramón. Design and Implementation of the Open Connectivity Services Framework.[Conference Material]. Springer; 2012-09-24. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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