Network mobility for multi-homed Android mobile devices

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Hoguet, Francois



Eveleigh, Sydney, NSW, Australia , Compiègne, France


Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are increasingly popular. They usually embed several network interfaces (Wi-Fi and 3G). They allow the user to keep a permanent Internet connection, but should be used efficiently to give him the best quality of experience. With this in mind, this work consists in setting up a testbed with mobility support for multi-homed devices running Android. It comes with a measurement system to analyse the characteristics and network events in a mobility context. The tests are initially performed with a laptop as mobile device, it is then replaced by an Android phone. The main supported features are the mobility management with multiple network interfaces, dynamic flow binding on these interfaces and the implementation of experimental data collection.

testbed, network mobility, IPv6, multi-homing, Android, flow binding, OML



Hoguet, Francois. Network mobility for multi-homed Android mobile devices [dissertation]. 2012-09-11. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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