MobiTribe: Cost Efficient Distributed User Generated Content Sharing on Smartphones

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Thilakarathna, Kanchana; Petander, Lars (Henrik); Mestre, Julian; Seneviratne, Aruna


Journal Article

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing




Distributed social networking services show promise to solve data ownership and privacy problems associated with centralized approaches. Smartphones could be used for hosting and sharing users data in a distributed manner, if the associated high communication costs and battery usage issues of the distributed systems could be mitigated. We propose a novel mechanism for reducing these costs to a level comparable with centralized systems by using a connectivity aware replication strategy. To this end, we develop an algorithm based on a combination of bipartite b-matching and a greedy heuristics for grouping devices into tribes among intended content consumers. The tribes replicate content and serve it using low-cost network connections by exploiting time elasticity of user generated content sharing. We evaluate the performance of the algorithm using three real world trace data sets. In these particular environments, the results show that a persistent low-cost network availability can be achieved with an average of two replicas per content. Additionally, cellular bandwidth consumption and energy consumption of users are evaluated based on analytical content creation and consumption modelling and the results show that MobiTribe saves 76% of the uplink and 46% of the downlink cellular bandwidth compared to centralized server based social networking approaches. Moreover, the results show that the proposed mechanism can provide the benefits of a distributed content sharing system for lower monetary and energy costs compared to non-mobile-optimized distributed systems irrespective of the content demand model.

Data61; NICTA



Thilakarathna, Kanchana; Petander, Lars (Henrik); Mestre, Julian; Seneviratne, Aruna. MobiTribe: Cost Efficient Distributed User Generated Content Sharing on Smartphones. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. 2013-07-04; 13(9):2058-2068. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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