Wireless Body Area Networks: A Survey

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Movassaghi, Samaneh; Abolhasan, Mehran; Lipman, Justin; Smith, David; Jamalipour, Abbas


Journal Article

IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials

Recent developments and technological advance-ments in wireless communication, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Sys-tems (MEMS) technology and integrated circuits has enabled low-power, intelligent, miniaturized, invasive/non-invasive micro and nano-technology sensor nodes strategically placed in or around the human body to be used in monitoring body function and the body’s surrounding environment. This exciting new area of research is called Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) and leverages the emerging IEEE 802.15.6 and IEEE 802.15.4j standards, specifically standardized for medical WBANs. WBANs aim to simplify and improve speed, accuracy, and reliability of communications. The vast scope of challenges associated with WBANs has led to numerous publications. In this paper we survey the current state of WBANs based on the latest standard. Open issues and challenges within each area are also explored and explained why further research is required in these areas.

IEEE 802.15.6, Body Area Networks, BANs, Wireless Sensor Networks, WSNs


Movassaghi, Samaneh; Abolhasan, Mehran; Lipman, Justin; Smith, David; Jamalipour, Abbas. Wireless Body Area Networks: A Survey. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials. 2014-03-13. http://hdl.handle.net/102.100.100/95343?index=1

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