Are Body Area Networks Stationary?

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Chaganti, Vasanta; Hanlen, Leif; Smith, David



Technical Report

Body Area Networks (BANs) are low powered and subject to high shadowing and deep fades. Using extensive BAN channel measurements (over 1 million data points), in diverse environments and multiple subjects, we examine the stationarity of the channel. Wide-sense-stationarity tests and power spectral estimates show a 50% probability of stationarity at 5 seconds, and the probability rapidly diminishes thereafter. We show that non-stationarity is inherent to BANs and not an artefact of environment or activity.

Body sensor networks; Fading; Statistical distributions; Narrowband




Chaganti, Vasanta; Hanlen, Leif; Smith, David. Are Body Area Networks Stationary?. 2013-05-02. Report No.:Technical Report. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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