Privacy in Crowdsourced Platforms

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Kandappu, Thivya; Friedman, Arik; Sivaraman, Vijay; Boreli, Roksana


Book Chapter

Privacy in a Digital, Networked World

Emerging platforms, such as Amazon Mechanical Turk and Google Consumer Surveys, are increasingly being used by researchers and market analysts to crowdsource large-scale survey data from on-line populations at extremely low-cost. However, by participating in successive surveys, workers risk being profiled and targeted, both by surveyors and by the platform itself. In this chapter we provide an overview of privacy in crowdsourcing platforms. We consider the state-of-the-art crowdsourcing platforms and the risks to worker privacy in such platforms, we survey the existing solutions, and later describe and evaluate the design of a privacy conscious crowdsourcing platform prototype, called Loki. We believe that many challenges in the area of privacy in crowdsourced platforms remain, and that this will be an active and important research area for many years to come.


Computer Communications and Networks



Kandappu, Thivya; Friedman, Arik; Sivaraman, Vijay; Boreli, Roksana. Privacy in Crowdsourced Platforms. In: Zeadally, Sherali and Badra, Mohamad Editor, editor/s. Privacy in a Digital, Networked World. Springer; 2015-09-07. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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