Modeling Obligations with Event-Calculus

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Hashmi, Mustafa; Governatori, Guido; Wynn, Moe


Conference Material

Rule ML 2014

Prague, Czec Republic


Time plays an important role in norms. In this paper we start from our previously proposed classification of obligations, and point out some shortcomings of Event Calculus (EC) to represent obligations. We proposed an extension of EC that avoids such shortcomings and we show how to use it to model the various types of obligations.


Legal norms, Event Calculus, Temporal aspect, Compliance


Hashmi, Mustafa; Governatori, Guido; Wynn, Moe. Modeling Obligations with Event-Calculus. In: Antonis Bikakis, Paul Fodor, Dumitru Roman Editor, editor/s. Rule ML 2014; Prague, Czec Republic. Springer; 2014-08-18. 296-310.

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