Looking into the crystal-ball: a bright future for CP

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Milano, Michela; Van Hentenryck, Pascal


Journal Article




An interesting exercise for a research community is to foresee its future, identify key research challenges and open problems and be forward-looking in both technology and application fields. The Constraint Programming community, in more than 20 years, has performed this exercise several times. One example is the recent book on Trends in Constraint Programming edited in 2007 by Benhamou, Jussien and O’Sullivan [1] and the recent challenge paper at AAAI 2012 by O’Sullivan [17] entitled Opportunities and challenges for Constraint Pro- gramming. Other examples are the earlier papers by Van Hentenryck and Saraswat [8] on Strategic Directions in Constraint Programming in 1996 and the ACM 50th Anniversary Issue of ACM Computing Surveys of the same year on Strategic Directions in Computing Research containing a number of forward looking papers [2–7, 9–16, 18–21]. Some of these papers have correctly foreseen the future, some challenges have received less then expected attention, but overall these papers have always provided a useful guide for researchers and newcomers. Here we are offering another snapshot of the constraint programming community and what its members consider as promising directions. We have intentionally invited contribution without structuring them into a schema. Rather we have preferred a bottom-up call for proposals providing supported-by-evidence viewpoints on future directions of CP.

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Milano, Michela; Van Hentenryck, Pascal. Looking into the crystal-ball: a bright future for CP. Constraints. 2014-03-09; 19:121-125. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10601-014-9160-z

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