Mixed-Criticality Support in a High-Assurance, General-Purpose Microkernel

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Lyons, Anna; Heiser, Gernot

Lyons, Anna; Heiser, Gernot


Conference Material

Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems

Rome, Italy


We explore a model for mixed-criticality support in seL4, a high-assurance microkernel designed for real-world use. Specifically we investigate how the seL4 model can be extended without compromising its security properties and its general- purpose nature, including high average-case performance. The proposed model introduces reservations, with admission control performed at user level, similar to how seL4 handles spatial resources.

mixed criticality, real time, microkernels, seL4, scheduling



Lyons, Anna; Heiser, Gernot. Mixed-Criticality Support in a High-Assurance, General-Purpose Microkernel. In: Rob Davis and Liliana Cucu-Grosjean Editor, editor/s. Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems; Rome, Italy. 2014-12-02. 9-14.

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